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The highest quality base oils used in different industry. These products include SN 600, SN 500, SN 350, and SN 150 all made with the highest standards of the world.


Engine oils produced for different vehicles are made with unbelievable quality. Komesh engine oils reduce wear and tear of engine parts significantly to the extent that no other oils are comparable.

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About Komesh

Rahrovan Komesh Oil Company, established in 2013, is an oil production & refining privately-held company. Our refining facilities located in Semnan. The name of the company “Komesh Oil” was borrowed from the ancient name of Semnan. We produce engine oils, industrial lubricants, base oil [SN 600, SN500, SN350, SN150] with the best and environmentally-friendly methods.

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Unit 7, No. 2532, Valiasr St., opposite to 10TH Alley, Tehran, Iran


+98 (21) 8608 6638 - 40